6 Best Search Engines to Browse the DarkNet

6 Best Illegal Search Engines to Browse the DarkNet



This list contains the search engines most requested by the community on the deep web.


Onion Dark Web Link Directory (also has clearnet link)
Link: https://deepwebyl3au3fnm4efynncy5fhiqknam3op6q3qgdwu3n5oavofifqd.onion

Onion Dark Web Link Directory (also has clearnet link)
Link: https://darknetmdzfznq7zxywqzqnskp6b6thm3yy2uvuxqijrpzltvrdxuyyd.onion

Onion Dark Web Link Directory (also has clearnet link)
Link: https://darkwebwahn23pva3hxwwrb7ddnejtmqqaabqejj7sge2ldr3gzefxyd.onion

DarkNet Hidden Wiki
Link: https://torlinkd4t3ingru2qqrds52viopt4sxz43bg7n6prevnwibq75w5oqd.onion

The Hidden Wiki
New and fresh DarkNet Link Directory
Link: https://torlisthsxo7h65pd2po7kevpzkk4wwf3czylz3izcmsx4jzwabbopyd.onion

New and fresh DarkNet Link Directory
Link: https://torwikijwqskahohtn35pyfde2uqmgrxgr2fru4mn4rer5muj445dxyd.onion

Is one of the oldest and popular search engines on the dark web with an index of 296828 sites. Apart from the possibility of site searching, advertising banners can be published on the home page and search page of this search engine.
Link: https://torchdeedp3i2jigzjdmfpn5ttjhthh5wbmda2rr3jvqjg5p77c54dqd.onion/

Is a pretty new search engine on the dark web but has gained a lot of popularity and monthly traffic. They allow paid advertising by banners or keywords like Google. We were unable to find information about the number of sites indexed by this search engine.
Link: https://tordexu73joywapk2txdr54jed4imqledpcvcuf75qsas2gwdgksvnyd.onion/

This is another search engine where you can search for dark web sites, add new sites to a search engine and report links containing content that is not approved by this search engine. Also,you can view statistics of searches for the dark web sites on the tor network.
Link: https://juhanurmihxlp77nkq76byazcldy2hlmovfu2epvl5ankdibsot4csyd.onion/

It is a new German search engine on the dark web, but at the same time, it offers advanced search options, including premium service, which allows you to access more data if you need it. This search engine indexes 1.5 billion pages under 260k dark web sites.
Link: https://metagerv65pwclop2rsfzg4jwowpavpwd6grhhlvdgsswvo6ii4akgyd.onion/

Is a popular and updated search engine that allows you to search dark web sites by many search options. This search engine also allows you advertising banners.
Link: https://tor66sewebgixwhcqfnp5inzp5x5uohhdy3kvtnyfxc2e5mxiuh34iid.onion/


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